Channel Marketing
and Lead Generation

We do the marketing.
You get the leads.


UCaaS / CCaaS Marketing Support:
Get full lead support from LANtelligence.

While UCaaS / CCaaS master agents might offer you some modest marketing coaching and perhaps a third-party provider brochure or too, you’re pretty much on your own when it comes to marketing.

You’ve already got a full-time job prospecting and selling. Who has the time and resources to create a marketing campaign to help you gain good UCaaS / CCaaS leads?

LANtelligence does.

At LANtelligence, we think you deserve more from your channel partner. A lot more. So when you work with LANtelligence as a Level One channel partner, you’ll benefit from our robust online marketing program, bringing you comprehensive UCaaS / CCaaS marketing support, to attract the exact leads you’re looking for, with new prospects sent right to your inbox.

LANtelligence: complete UCaaS / CCaaS Marketing Support

Comprehensive campaigns

LANtelligence is continually growing its campaigns to attract leads. Our programs include:
  • Fresh content: articles, white papers, videos and more
  • Webinars
  • SEO to attract organic traffic to our website
  • Online advertising
  • Drip email campaigns powered by marketing automation
  • Leads and deals tracked in our CRM, giving you instant reports on all of your deals
All this, on top of our over-the-top sales support from experienced certified engineers. You won’t find a better partner for your sales effort than from LANtelligence.

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