Contact Center as a Service

Great business opportunity for the Channel Partners.

Why Cloud Contact Center
Solutions are the best fit
for mid-size businesses and
a great revenue maker
for the Channel Partners?

At LANtelligence, we see many advantages that our Channel Partners can get out of selling Cloud Contact Center solutions. This is why we created the perfect environment for you by getting you an easy access to the best-in-class solutions and eliminating technical and support challenges. Below, we explain three main reasons why you should consider selling CCaaS.

LANtelligence: deep UCaaS / CCaaS experience (UCaaS / CCaaS master agent)

Demand is high and growing.

The midsize and small size contact centers are about 80% of the market for the contact center solutions. Yet, there are no new premise-based offerings in this sector and a lack of continuing development for existing products.

Technology is evolving to the Cloud, and the cloud-based contact center solutions are already offering the access to more high-level features (work flow routing, analytics, workforce management, etc.) as built-in options.

More companies are looking to enhance their customer service by offering their customers a choice of communication channels.

Companies want solutions that can be integrated with other software in their environments like their CRM.  Giving them the ability to automate many previously manual processes, letting the customer drive the interaction, improving efficiency and providing the organization with valuable customer and performance data.

Fewer competition

In the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS in North America, there are only 10 solutions in the entire chart and only 3 of them entered the Leader section of it. Compare this to UCaaS or other SaaS verticals where there are 20 or more competitors. With the top solutions in the CCaaS space offering true differentiators via higher level features and application that the Contact Center market desires in many opportunities the competition is truly limited to 2 or 3 players tops.

The limited competition is not only at the provider level.  When it comes to the ability to design, deploy and deliver on these solutions, there are a limited group of capable partners that can execute on these projects as well.  So being paired with the right partner gives the Agent a true competitive advantage.

LANtelligence: extensive UCaaS / CCaaS knowledge (UCaaS / CCaaS master agent)
LANtelligence: expert UCaaS / CCaaS execution (UCaaS / CCaaS master agent)

Higher commissions

When it comes to commissions in the channel CCaaS does very well in driving the key components for larger commissions.  The top line MRR number a project produces and the % the provider pays out are higher than with other solutions.

Typical UCaaS Sale Payout

  • 100 Users UCaaS Solution:
  • 100 X $20 User = $2000.00mnth
  • Average Provider Payout 23% $230.00
  • Average Agent Commission $172.50Mnth

Typical CCaaS Sale Payout

  • 100 Users CCaaS Solution:
  • 30 Business Users X $20 User = $600.00mnth
  • 70 CC Agents X $70 User = $4900.00mnth
  • Total Monthly Top Line =$5,500.00mnth
  • Average Provider Payout 23% $1265.00
  • Average Agent Commission $822.25Mnth


Additional reasons.

In addition to these top three strengths, selling CCaaS has a very strong positive impact that is measurable on your customers business.  It is a much “stickier” solution than others because of its impact on the customers business and its complexity. It is also always evolving with new applications and integrations keeping you regularly engaged in your customers business and new revenue opportunities.  Last the efficiencies and measurement that Contact Centers offer an organization with multiple

It is also always evolving with new applications and integrations keeping you regularly engaged in your customers business and new revenue opportunities.

The efficiencies and measurements that Cloud Contact Center offers an organization with multiple channels for communication is something that is no longer confined to just classic sales or Customer Experience groups. This type of organization and data is desired by different groups across all departments of organizations.

All the above is true for all Channel Partners, including the MSP’s and VAR’s.  The ability to deliver a complimentary service to their new and existing customers that helps support their overall value proposition within an account is always an asset.

There is also a growing importance for MSPs and VARs to provide voice related solutions because many large organizations in the Carrier and IT space try to provide one stop shop solutions for customers. It creates an enormous level of competition that is hard to handle for smaller IT businesses. The ability to provide the UCaaS and CCaaS solutions and support them keeps those competitors out of the MSP’s customers.

CCaaS also opens up opportunities for many MSP’s and VAR’s to engage in the development of custom software integrations and applications for their customers that creates very strong traction in the account.

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